The Parlor Pizzeria

Architecture & Interior Design / Restaurant Concept Development

The Parlor is the result of an extensive renovation of what originally housed the Salon de Venus. During the adaptive reuse process, it became clear that the majority of the old building was structurally deficient and needed to be rebuilt. The decision to surgically deconstruct the existing building yielded large amounts of salvageable wood and steel, and the desire to reuse these unique materials became the driving force behind the new design philosophy. The material was repurposed into many of the custom elements seen throughout, including the tables, doors, host stand, wine wall, wine cellar, fireplace and light fixtures. Sustainable design elements were also carried through to the exterior with the use of solar panels and a working garden. The garden not only yields seasonal ingredients used throughout the menu but also provides both staff and customers with a deeper understanding of desert agriculture. The heart of The Parlor – the massive wood oven – was placed at the center of the building and the entire floor plan designed to flow seamlessly around it. Today, The Parlor is known as much for its handcrafted interiors and sustainable design as it is for its award-winning, seasonal cuisine.