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Blake Christopher Britton


60 page hardcover  |  13 x 10  |  $55 (includes shipping)

Blake Britton is an artist, sculptor and industrial designer with a remarkable body of work. This retrospective volume about the Portland, Oregon based artist spans his curious animal sculptures, singular furniture, and compelling mixed media pieces. What unites these diverse works is Britton’s majestic command of his materials—steel, wood, bronze and rubber— and the artist’s search for balance, purity and serenity.






A Restaurant Design Firm Run By Restaurateurs, Designers and Craftsmen

Our focus on restaurants is no accident. We know them inside and out. We understand their unique environment at an incredibly detailed level. Restaurant design is as much about flow and functionality as it is about aesthetics. How do we know this? Because We’re Restaurateurs, Designers and Craftsmen Ourselves.

Thousand Design was created to provide expertise in architecture, interior design, concept development, operations, branding and graphic design all in one place.

From the image you portray through your brand down to the smallest detail of the fork on the table, we can help you turn your vision into a fully realized environment that combines maximum functionality with timeless quality and inspired, memorable design.

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Turn your vision into a fully realized environment and brand that inspires.

    • Comfortable spaces that stand the test of time
    • Buildings and spaces that understand their place
    • Contribute to the neighborhoods in ways that are mutually beneficial

    Architecture and Interior Design

  • Restaurant Concept Development

    • Furnishings and objects that accent the environment, highlight, or provide a gathering space
    • Reflect attention to detail and honesty to materials detail and design on small scale
    • Function and form for any project and budget

    Object Design               

    • Full service design, marketing and branding strategy
    • Identity Logo Design, Merchandise Packaging Design.
    • Web and Interactive Design, UI and UX Strategy and Design

    Branding and Identity Design


  • All
  • Object Design
  • Architecture & Interior Design
  • Restaurant Concept Development


Our Philosophy: Design + Food + Function

At Thousand Design, we are artists, designers, restaurateurs, foodies, friends and family. We are as multidisciplinary in our roles as we are in our work. Combining our backgrounds in design culture and restaurant culture allow us to find that crucial balance between form and function, creating memorable environments that enrich our communities.